what is edenware?

I'm not really sure if edenware refers to this web site, the software that I write, or my as-of-yet-nonexistent line of exceedingly hip fashion accessories. Nonetheless, this web site promotes and distributes Macintosh shareware that I've written. My software has appeared in numerous publications, both online and physical, including MacUser, Macworld, MacAddict, and a seemingly countless number of Japanese magazines.

My motivation has been to come up with easy-to-use software that enhances the Macintosh user experience in as transparent a way as possible. Both Snap-To and Scrollability enhance the basic user interface without adding excess clutter -- they make the Mac more like it should be.

who is eden?

I decided that I was going to attempt to participate in the shareware phenomenon. I released a couple of embarrassing accidents, as well as early versions of Baxter and Snap-To. After later producing Prophylaxis Plus and WindowLabels, I took a break from shareware to work on a bit of graphics code for a never-realized game, some contract programming work, and freelance consulting.

At the end of this several-year break, it hit me that Snap-To was still quite popular, and I hadn't updated it in some time. Thanks to user support, I was able to make it compatible with MacOS 8 [but not OS X, it seems] and add a couple of new features. The idea for Scrollability then occurred to me, and I thought that it was something that would benefit the Macintosh community considerably, so I spent the several months necessary to make it a reality.